Code Compliance

DeKalb County Code Compliance:
Phone: (404) 687-3700
Fax: (404) 687-3844
Website: DeKalb Code Compliance

DeKalb  County Sanitation:
Phone: (404) 294-2900
Website: DeKalb Sanitation

DeKalb County Animal Control:
Phone: (404) 294-2996
Cruelty Hotline: (404) 294-2939
Weekend-Holiday: (678) 406-7929
Website: DeKalb Animal Control

Common Code Violations

  1. Grass or weeds over 12 inches.
  2. It is a violation to use a carport or lot for open storage of any used or damaged lumber, junk, trash, scrap metal, concrete, sand, cans, bottles, tires, inoperative vehicles, unusable furniture, stove, sink, toilet, household fixtures, yard waste, appliances, trash etc. Contact DeKalb Sanitation Department and place items as appropriate at the curb for pick up.
  3. All vehicles shall be parked only on a paved surface, not on lawn.
  4. Inoperable vehicles – they tend to look for flat tires and will ask the owner to crank it to prove it works.
  5. Unsecured property / vacant (obviously they don’t issue a ticket for just being vacant). All doors and windows should be properly secured.
  6. Exterior of house must be maintained in good repair. Peeling paint, damaged roof (plastic covering), rotting wood, broken windows, broken railings, crumbling paving (walkway or driveway) and exterior mold (Black) are examples of poor maintenance.
  7. Unlicensed or unregistered vehicles are an automatic court ticket. Report to Police and Code Compliance.
  8. Parking of commercial vehicles (construction machines, business vehicles, school buses, vehicles with advertising, and semi-tractor trailers) within residential neighborhoods is illegal. Passenger vehicles can use magnetic or removable signs, otherwise park vehicle in a garage or on paved surface on side of the house or rear yard. Otherwise choose off site arrangements.
  9. Major auto repair prohibited in a residential area.
  10. Recreational vehicles (RVs) must be parked to the side or rear of the house.
  11. The number of household pets (dogs, cats, canaries, parrots, parakeets, tropical birds, hamsters, guinea pigs) is limited to three on each lot less than 2 acres.
  12. Interior of house must be maintained in good repair. No mold and mildew. Electricity, plumbing and drains must work properly.
  13. Posting or erecting signs within the right of way (along public streets) is illegal. Code Officers will make every attempt to remove signs but volunteers can remove illegal signs also to help clean up our neighborhoods.

You can operate a business from your home. However, you must apply and obtain a business license and complete the Home Occupation Permit application. Contact the Business License Division for more information at 404-371-2461.