Jan-16 Neighborhood Association Meeting Notes

Below are the notes taken by Ms. Andrea Kay Smith during our January 16th Neighborhood Association Meeting. Reminder that our next meeting will take place at Mt. Welcome Baptist Church (on Parker Ave) on February 20th.

  • Julius did a fantastic job & received good response from over 20 residents who attended as we acknowledged MLK & Falcons &  created List for 2017 that Veronica took notes on.
  • Parks & Rec Victoria Burgos (404-371-2188) made a good presentation about how she can help B/B Community Garden.
  • To reduce crime in the B/B Park & at the Lake, Victoria suggested Officer Balkeos be called 770-652-8579.
  • Deacon John Whitaker (404-377-1668) insisted someone call him to confirm ELTNA meeting which was not done for this meeting. The room we usually meet in was under repair & we had to be rerouted to a room in the main sanctuary. Signs were made & Charles Dorsey & Willy Fletcher helped direct people.
  • There were 5 residents who were attending for the 1st time; 2 that wanted to be added to Nextdoor which I will do.
  • In attendance: Veronica Gillyard, Ruby McDowell, Celina Farquhar, Wanda Goggins, Carol Peeples, Dianne Fowler, Brenda Gaither, Grace Pass, Sherry Oxendine, Ms. Leo, Quanda Wilson/Bethel Baptist, Willy Fletcher, Charles Dorsey, Eva Robinson, Leila Mosley, Julius Kevinezz, Mamie B. Lewis, Willie Mosley, Andrea Deacon, John Whitaker, Hunter Marx. Not everyone signed in.
  • There were no refreshments.
  • 2/1/17 Wed 6:30pm Neighbors Against Cityhood & Annexation will meet @ Scott Candler Library.
  • 2/28/17 10am someone from ELTNA must attend the Commissioners Meeting in Manuel Maloof Bldg @ Trinity & Commerce in downtown Decatur to speak about speed bumps on Hillside Dr. Joe Przedwiecki is coordinating this effort, so let him know you are attending (email above).
  • A developer who purchased 3 houses on Marion Circle near the Lake would like to help ELTNA. The contact person is Hunter Marx 678-548-1232.
  • Remember at the beginning of every meeting to thank Mt. Welcome & disclaimer about opinions expressed are ELTNA.
  • Has anyone made contact with ELTNA Board member Sharon Curtis?
  • Thanks to ELTNA resident Grace Pass who lives on Cogar & has agreed to put a Yard sign up @ 2nd Ave. Dianne Fowler is doing a good job getting Yard signs out to neighbors. Charles Dorsey always puts one out at the church for which I gave him a gift last night.

Thank you to those who attended!

One thought on “Jan-16 Neighborhood Association Meeting Notes

  1. Hello, my name is Chica and i live right by the garden.

    I would like to help get the garden going. I am a year-round gardener and would love to offer the neighborhood seasonal gardening classes (obviously free). We can go over plants that are good for planting that season and maybe give out seedlings.

    I propagate lots of plants/vegetables and would be willing to offer plant giveaways to get the garden going. I also cultivate shrubs and perennials a would love to donate them to help make the garden more beautiful year round.

    Now that those trees are gone, the entire garden gets full sun. I have many shrubs already that need to get planted in the ground, as i don’t have the space for them in our yard and i usually end up giving them away. I work at a nursery and basically take everything before it gets thrown away, so, i end up with too many plants and don’t know where to put them. LOL.

    I also don’t mind keeping an eye out for the garden and keeping things nice (helping weed, watering if needed, etc).

    My life is dedicated to gardening. It is a passion/obsession and i would love to be able to help make this community garden one that everyone wants to visit 🙂

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